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ahem / Гм!
Ahem!, Haw!, Hem!, Huh!, Humph!, Hum!
used to represent the noise made when clearing the throat, typically to attract attention or express disapproval or embarrassment.
If they had let me in flight deck while airborne, I'd only have distracted their work with my charm… ahem !
And today comes further news of the - ahem - minor difficulties.
I appreciate that this results in slightly uninspiring blog entries… ahem , anyway.
Back in my - ahem - college days, there was a little game called The Century Club.
As it happens, it was 6 months before I attended a book group session, and the book itself turned out to be about, ahem , spelling bees.
These aquarium buddies are cheap, require little upkeep and there is no expensive burial should they, ahem , not make it.
As part of my - ahem - sociological research, I have posted another personal ad.
ahem, excuse me
The public bar would win no beauty contests, and avoid it at all costs if you have a problem with passive smoking - or, ahem , folk music.
Apologies for stating the obvious but, ahem , it's a tad cold outside - just in case you hadn't noticed.
Something to do with - ahem - a new private secretary in her office.