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ahead / вперед, впереди, напролом
forward, ahead, forth, forwards, before, along
ahead, before, onward, onwards, up, fore
ahead, baldheaded
имя прилагательное
coming, forthcoming, impending, ahead, oncoming, toward
further forward in space; in the line of one's forward motion.
he had to give his attention to the road ahead
The framework should help public bodies, airport operators and airlines plan ahead for future applications.
However, the day ahead is dominated by a massive amount of college homework.
Just ahead , crossing the line, the growing use of profanity on television.
And so that set the stage for us to progress ahead with the development.
Gogoi appealed to the teaching community to take the lead in marching ahead with education as a media.
Pre-tax profits are likely to race ahead to around £84.9m from £36.9m in 2002.
Profits for calendar 2003 are likely to be puff ahead by around £70m at £2.56 bn.
The police lining the block ahead yelled to stop, but the two young men in front apparently didn't hear because they were talking.
Once they got through the horribly long line, Ellen ran ahead and found them a table.
Two minutes later, Sharon Duncan put Armagh a point ahead , a lead for the Orchard County for the first time since the fifth minute of the game.