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agronomy / агрономия, сельское хозяйство, земледелие
имя существительное
agronomy, agronomics, agriculture
сельское хозяйство
agriculture, farming, rural economy, husbandry, agronomy
agriculture, husbandry, arable farming, agronomy
имя существительное
the science of soil management and crop production.
The core group excludes several private colleges and universities as well as some public institutions that produce agronomy and crop science graduates but which are not part of the land grant system.
A further irony is that as critics of modern science, technology and agronomy become more vehement, the public level of knowledge about these subjects has not fared as well as the endeavors themselves.
These publications discuss subjects including soil, agronomy , nutrition, plant protection, agricultural economics and statistics.
The advantage dealers bring is a knowledge of local agronomy , the grower's trust, and internal data management systems to monitor crops from planting to harvest.
The first series focused on informal economic activity covering animal husbandry, agronomy , wild fruits, thatch, art, curios and crafts.
It must continue to spread out into the practical fields of human service, such as agriculture, horticulture, agronomy , ecology, pathology, forestry, climatology, and medicine.
This is in part because of the great success that has already been achieved in crop production through agronomy and crop protection.
He was a teaching assistant for introductory agronomy and crop management courses while pursing his graduate degree.
Obviously, recommendations to solve such a seemingly intractable problem as already low and decreasing numbers of graduates from agronomy and crop science programs will not be easy.
In succeeding years, grain merchandising, agronomy / fertilizer, feed sales and ready-mix concrete departments were added.
Our search revealed a wide range of training opportunities available for just about every retail management challenge, from agronomy and soils to sales and finance.