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agricultural / сельскохозяйственный, земледельческий
имя прилагательное
agricultural, farm, rural, agriculturalist
имя прилагательное
of or relating to agriculture.
agricultural land
You can see tree plantations all over the place with small agricultural strips of land and a few houses.
The report forecasts that the demand for workers in the agricultural sector will decline.
He has said on oath in front of me that his present activities are devoted to restoring this land to agricultural use.
Has their access to agricultural land and capital in rural and urban areas improved?
Frank had a great affinity with the land and all things agricultural and was a progressive farmer.
There was, in fact, no clear distinction between agricultural and industrial workers.
It is also close to a primary school, agricultural land and a restored lakeland region.
She used the rest of the seed capital to invest in a small plot of agricultural land.
It has set up a subgroup to look at the effect of modern intensive agricultural methods on the environment.
Land claims have been made on about five million hectares of agricultural land in the province.