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agreed / согласованный, договорный, решенный
имя прилагательное
agreed, concerted, coordinated, consensual, dovetailed, conformed
treaty, contractual, contract, negotiable, contracted, agreed
decided, solved, agreed, determinate, derived
имя прилагательное
discussed or negotiated and then accepted by all parties.
the agreed time
Two samples will be taken at an unspecified date and time at agreed sampling points.
Everyone is agreed that the Constitution needs review and a start has been made.
Several key items did not arrive on the agreed date and several others were damaged.
Lady Antonia and myself are both agreed that this is bad news.
The bank, apart from providing finance on agreed terms, had no part in creating this situation.
Certainly it should try and do so if both parties are agreed that they would like the matter resolved on the affidavits.
He discovers that all the ideas and concepts he revered and held dear are not agreed upon by all people.
If the proposal does go ahead, officers and developers will be held to account in terms of this agreed policy.
It was reasonable for her to insist that disclosure was only on the agreed terms.
For that reason all parties were agreed that no separate consideration need be given to these provisions.