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agreeable / приятный, согласный, приемлемый
имя прилагательное
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, good
consonant, harmonious, concordant, consonantal, agreeable, content
acceptable, reasonable, admissible, satisfactory, agreeable, respectable
имя прилагательное
enjoyable and pleasurable; pleasant.
a cheerful and agreeable companion
willing to agree to something.
they were agreeable to its publication
I was going to make the point that Churchill's heroism was not dependent on his being a particularly pleasant or agreeable man.
The Councillor then added the business people of the town would not be agreeable to the on-street parking charges if long term parking was not provided.
Novel ideas such as a ‘travelling wedding’, which saves money for the prolonged honeymoon, although agreeable to the young, are firmly objected to by their parents.
These terms were agreeable to the Magyar aristocracy, but could not satisfy the revolutionaries or moderates among the lesser nobility.
The morning was thus quite agreeable , and the conscientious ice cream vendor would have been out hitting the streets and taking advantage of those fair-weather revelers.
Council asked him if the company would be agreeable to making a financial contribution to the upkeep of the traffic infrastructure in the area if there was significant extra capacity during the next decade.
We are agreeable to do so in the future but this will be a private meeting and not a meeting of the Council.
He insists that the city is continuing to work with county officials in hopes of coming to a solution that is agreeable to everyone.
To enquire about a price is to enter into a binding agreement: the stall-holder will keep knocking the price until he or she arrives at a tariff agreeable to you.
The Councillor was agreeable to an adjournment on the proviso the meeting would be held in public and only about proposed new development charges.