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agree / соглашаться, договариваться, согласовываться
agree, consent, accept, comply, admit, assent
agree, negotiate, arrange, make arrangements, parley, treat
agree, accord, correspond, cohere, square, cotton
have the same opinion about something; concur.
I completely agree with your recent editorial
consent to do something that has been suggested by another person.
she had agreed to go and see a movie with him
be consistent with.
your body language does not agree with what you are saying
I agree that consumers are always right
she's eaten something that did not agree with her
After all, does anyone go to a blog for a discussion of issues that most people agree on?
they couldn't agree whether he was guilty or not
I completely agree with your recent editorial
the cheques and invoices must agree
Strikes have been put off until the end of February to give negotiators a chance to agree a deal.
the writer made the verb agree with the subject
she won't agree to do this
she's eaten something which did not agree with her