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agouti / агути
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large, long-legged burrowing rodent related to the guinea pig, native to Central and South America.
People gather the nuts, as do native rabbit-size rodents called agoutis .
Many genetics texts include examples of agouti and black in mice.
As we walked through one forest concession to check seedling survival, Ortiz described his findings in terms of the ‘agouti shadow’: the outline of how far an agouti disperses an individual tree's pods and the nuts inside.
Soon an agouti (a large tropical rodent) appeared and began to feed among the trumpeters, which were unperturbed by its presence.
If agouti binds to this receptor, melanocytes make the red-yellow pigment.
In wild areas, they hunt the tapir (a kind of wild hog), the anteater, and the jaguar, as well as the agouti (a rabbit-like rodent).
Again, unconscious of the life-cycle of its food-plant, the large rodent called the agouti , in tropical America, buries seeds such as those of the brazil nut.
The dorsal hair shows so-called agouti pattern.
If they can see a tabby pattern in the fur, then the cat must be agouti , whereas if the colors are solid then the cat is nonagouti.
Despite its hardness, it can be gnawed through, after it has fallen to the ground, by rodents such as the agouti .
Fig 2 shows the chemical analysis of melanins from dorsal midline fur of adult agouti mutant mice.