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agog / сгорающий от любопытства, возбужденный
имя прилагательное
сгорающий от любопытства
excited, agitated, energized, overwrought, thrilled, agog
в напряженном ожидании
в возбуждении
agog, astir, in a twitter, all in a fluster
имя прилагательное
very eager or curious to hear or see something.
I'm all agog to see London
The county remains agog since that superlative victory over Tipperary and supporters will relish this latest opportunity to get another look at the heroes of that unforgettable day.
Police circles are agog with discussions as to what the ‘confessional’ statement contains and why the police chief dismissed it as hearsay.
In Britain commentators and policy makers are agog about a new U.S. doctrine, unveiled by President George W. Bush in a commencement address early this month at West Point.
By now we were agog to hear what else she had noticed, but they'd had to leave.
He appears agog and excited at the crowds attending his rallies.
Ballina is agog with excitement as it waits for the start this coming weekend of what is promised to be one of the best Festival and Arts Weeks ever in the North Mayo capital.
‘We were all agog and we thought school would never end,’ says Sylvester.
I have trolled Rodeo Drive, Worth Avenue, and upper Madison Avenue and traveled to Las Vegas, where I stood agog for hours in the Bellagio and Venetian hotels.
Gilz and I sat open mouthed and agog for most of it.
We're all agog alright over the prospect of a presidential election later in the year but that's because we need some stateliness, maybe even regality, in our lives.