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agitprop / агитпроп
имя существительное
political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature.
agitprop painters
‘Political’ drama has, for 20 years, been tainted by memories of 1970s agitprop .
Beijing this winter is festooned with orange banners and billboards that look like Communist agitprop .
Indeed, TV agitprop from the period shows how backing for the war was won ideologically - through the fear of the evils of Communism during the Cold War, and through the jingoism towards a ‘people who live out there’.
This is unashamedly agitprop , but there is a missed opportunity.
Outgrowing the constraints of the street and agitprop meant that they started to really work.
Radical organizations leverage the militant tone and temper set by the delegates to propagate their malevolent agitprop .
Your work tends not to employ direct political messages - it's not agitprop .
a woman in the sales department published neo-Nazi agitprop in her spare time
It is entirely unsurprising that fringe groups with intense ideological commitments will engage in propaganda and agitprop journalism, happily distorting the facts to promote their cause.
But the plot is never subordinated to rhetorical analysis, and rightly so - art needn't be agitprop to enrich our understanding of the world and its injustices.