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agitato / agitato
(especially as a direction after a tempo marking) in an agitated manner.
allegro agitato
Strindberg's stage directions instruct the mother to listen agitatedly to the Fantaisie-Impromptu, matching the agitato marking of the music.
The same goes for the Allegretto fantastico which is also quite ravishing and all is rounded off in a Molto allegro agitato that brings the work to an extremely satisfying conclusion.
The sheer tempestuousness with which Burstein attacked the furious cascade of notes in the Presto agitato brought Beethoven's music right into the 21st century.
The long middle movement, marked allegro agitato , and associated by Bloch with Yom Kippur, has an intense and clamorous opening but the mood alternated between that and pensive intervals.
The Allegro agitato is a study in broken symmetry.