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agitation / агитация, перемешивание, волнение
имя существительное
mixing, agitation, paddling, interfusion
excitement, unrest, agitation, emotion, worry, disturbance
имя существительное
a state of anxiety or nervous excitement.
she was wringing her hands in agitation
the action of briskly stirring or disturbing something, especially a liquid.
The strains were grown at 30° on agar plates or in liquid culture with agitation .
Moreover, he was plagued by a kind of sullen, intense, nervous agitation , similar to that of a drug-addict experiencing withdrawal.
Even if all components appear compatible, the tank mixture will require constant agitation to prevent separation or poor distribution in the tank.
One issue they've used to galvanize their public is continuing agitation to erode the constitutional safeguards against establishment of religion.
Therefore, reliability of liquid or slurry manure analysis results is best with agitation .
‘Tooker's anxiety and agitation spun out of control in the weeks preceding his death,’ she recalls.
As with all natives of this combination, the Aries / Virgo may suffer from nervous anxiety, agitation , and stress.
the techniques mostly involve agitation by stirring
Dangerous concentrations can be released by agitation of stored liquid manure.
It increased popular support by its association with the land reform agitation .
All had varying degrees of confusion, lack of alertness, agitation , anxiety, insomnia, depressed mood, and irritability.