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agile / проворный, подвижный, живой
имя прилагательное
prompt, agile, nimble, quick, alert, dexterous
mobile, agile, motile, fluid, spry, mercurial
live, living, alive, lively, animate, agile
имя прилагательное
able to move quickly and easily.
Ruth was as agile as a monkey
relating to or denoting a method of project management, used especially for software development, that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.
agile methods replace high-level design with frequent redesign
We hitch a lift in a Lynx, the sports car of military helicopters: small, agile and nippy.
You also need to be agile and in my mind it is a very complete sport.
And, to be honest, he did not seem to be that agile as he moved around stage.
A lean, lithe, grizzly looking fellow, supple, agile with a leathery skin and sinewy.
Like all the best criminals, spammers have agile minds and always manage to stay one step ahead of the filter technology.
The bubbling minds and agile movements of the kids all through the recent celebration said it all.
Bilal wondered how anybody with such a smile, such an agile turn of phrase, could consider himself undistinguished.
He offers a heroic portrait of a CIA director rebuilding the agency into a more agile , effective organization, partly along network lines.
Our most agile reader suggests the proper method of consuming Middle Eastern fruits.
Very active and agile , the young ones move around the open area without fear.