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aggro / уличная драка, беспорядки, неприятности
имя существительное
уличная драка
aggro, brawl
disorder, confusion, unrest, riot, disturbance, aggro
disagreeables, aggro
имя существительное
aggressive, violent behavior.
As regards aggro and hostility, I would imagine that there's plenty who get enough of that from their daily lives, and like to leave it out of their private lives.
There has been little sign of real rock aggro all evening.
It was all only verbal aggro and handbag hostilities but it did little credit to the participants.
Before the magazine even hit the news-stands the images were being criticised for their associations of mad-dog English fans and post-match aggro .
Did McEnroe wind up the tennis crowd and his opponent because he just couldn't help it, or because he was smart enough to know that maximum aggro was ultimately going to wreck his opponent's concentration?
If we say anything we just get abuse and more aggro .
However, concentrating on its bank balance meant the company's focus on mobile payments was slipping, so it decided to ‘ride a lot of aggro from the bank and go for it’.
What happened between me and Ian was a storm in a teacup, handbags at 22 paces, and there was no real aggro , beyond the pair of us making our points.
This is very expensive to get so naturally the landlord doesn't want this additional expense and neither party wants any aggro !
Postscript: the saga of the Frank takeover, typed by Eric Reguly, caused great aggro at the Globe.
‘The exercise has been great fun and we had a fantastic team - there was no aggro no matter how upset or stressed we got,’ he said.