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aggrieved / пострадавший, обиженный, расстроенный
имя прилагательное
hurt, aggrieved, sufferer
resentful, aggrieved, pained, injured, sore, disadvantaged
upset, haywire, unnerved, disconcerted, distempered, aggrieved
имя прилагательное
feeling resentment at having been unfairly treated.
they were aggrieved at the outcome
If the aggrieved party is unable to establish the value of a loss of bargain he may seek compensation in respect of his reliance losses.
It is bad manners to push a new relationship on your friends and very bad manners to bad-mouth the aggrieved party.
Is a party more aggrieved by the fact that their grief, loss and suffering is televised around the world?
Let us also assume that this aggrieved party has resorted to the law to prove his case.
So isn't it odd that the aggrieved parties always run to the papers for their moan rather than the game's governing body?
Both companies stringently deny the allegation and claim they were set up by an aggrieved third party.
I suppose there are the blogs that are very rude and offensive with no redress for the aggrieved party.
If a judgment has been obtained by perjured evidence remedies are available to the aggrieved party.
Where such a link is proven, the employer could be in for a nasty blow to his bank balance if the aggrieved party takes a case and wins.
One can understand that the widow of the dead man, Marie Ward, might feel aggrieved at the outcome.