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aggressor / агрессор, зачинщик, нападающая сторона
имя существительное
instigator, assailant, ringleader, aggressor, brewer, firebrand
нападающая сторона
aggressor, assailant, assaulter
имя существительное
a person or country that attacks another first.
So I'd attack my aggressors whether they were stronger than me or not.
The most moral and just use of violence is to pick up the gun to repel an intruder, an aggressor , an invader.
If they continue repulsing air attacks the aggressor might reject the idea of developing invasion.
In the case of international aggression this must be the aggressor as well as victims of aggression.
The target is attacked circuitously and the aggressor can therefore remain unidentified.
Perhaps the grab has been accompanied by a knee, or a second aggressor is waiting to attack.
One policeman knelt by the impotent aggressor and talked to him quietly.
In both cases the nations of Europe went to war against an aggressor .
He claimed he raised his foot to protect himself but the prosecution suggested he was the aggressor .
An aggressor might see a country whose armed forces project a poor public image as an easy target.
Gain an understanding of the aggressor 's body language, and the rituals of aggression and deception that he will use against you.