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aggression / агрессия, агрессивность, нападение
имя существительное
aggressiveness, aggression, bellicosity
attack, assault, offense, onslaught, aggression, charge
вызывающее поведение
defiance, provoking behavior, aggressiveness, aggression
ущемление прав и привилегий
имя существительное
hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another; readiness to attack or confront.
his chin was jutting with aggression
The most obvious example of this is protection against foreign aggression and domination.
This engenders despair that can develop into anger and aggression and eventually explode into violence.
Pavee readjusted their defense play and switched the aggression towards a determined goal hunt.
If we want to discourage violence and aggression in our country, we need to look at its causes and I doubt that all this anger stemmed from a few lousy films!
However, the raid was widely regarded as the first act of aggression in the war of independence in that part of the country.
Intervention in domestic politics often cements dictators in place by uniting the people against what they see as foreign aggression .
he called for an end to foreign aggression against his country
Politicians and military planners argued aerial offense was the most effective against foreign aggression or invasion.
The only way to prevent aggression is to counter it before it acts.
But violent aggression isn't the only emotion Kimbo acts out in the drama.