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aggregate / совокупный, агрегатный, общий
имя прилагательное
total, aggregate, cumulative, aggregated, collective, accumulative
aggregate, aggregative
general, common, overall, generic, joint, aggregate
имя существительное
aggregate, complex, summation
unit, aggregate, assembly, plant, aggregation, outfit
unite, combine, integrate, consolidate, aggregate, unify
collect, gather, meet, assemble, congregate, aggregate
имя прилагательное
formed or calculated by the combination of many separate units or items; total.
the aggregate amount of grants made
имя существительное
a whole formed by combining several (typically disparate) elements.
the council was an aggregate of three regional assemblies
a material or structure formed from a loosely compacted mass of fragments or particles.
Soil particles are bound together into aggregates and these influence the precise pore structure of the soil.
form or group into a class or cluster.
the butterflies aggregate in dense groups
We think you will agree therefore that the test is whether the aggregate amount of rent payable during the year commencing 12 April 1983 exceeded two thirds of the rateable value of the property on that date.
The notion that economies, as a whole, sometimes lack sufficient drive derives from a faulty set of economic doctrines that focus on the demand side of the aggregate economy.
Sichel, however, shows that even the growing share of the service sector is not enough to substantially raise measurement errors for the aggregate economy.
The panels, which are to be made of concrete and limestone aggregate , will create horizontal bands of shadows on the exterior.
Britain used to have a healthy stable of big concrete, aggregate and cement groups, from Blue Circle to Tarmac and RMC.
Concrete marble aggregate is one of its key components with 57 white columns, each weighing 29 tonnes, forming the structure of the building.
According to Leibniz, the whole world is an aggregate of monads.
Brits also appear to have an long term fascination with types of paving surfaces, so you could find yourself tripping on stone, brick, aggregate , concrete, rock or blocks.
Underfoot irregular, pebbles lay like aggregate and chips of stone protruded from the compacted ground, as desiccated and brittle as human bone.
The original structural system, including the roof, was entirely cast-in-place reinforced concrete using normal-weight aggregate .