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aggravation / ухудшение, усугубление, раздражение
имя существительное
deterioration, degradation, impairment, aggravation, decline, letdown
irritation, annoyance, exasperation, anger, annoying, aggravation
имя существительное
an intensification of a negative quality or aspect.
Negotiators were optimistic despite the aggravation of the standoff caused by the press release
the state of being aggravated.
Internet users' aggravation with the deluge of pop-up ads
a cause of annoyance or irritation.
the aggravations of living with a self-confessed sports junkie
You echo the concerns and aggravation of many day and resident camp directors I have worked with over the past several years.
Had I been on that bus, I would have encouraged her to save her feminist indignation, frustration, aggravation and tears for, oh, equal pay for equal work, or the right to choose.
I gave the salve to one person with colitis and told him that it may cause a temporary aggravation .
They also observed an occasional initial aggravation in symptoms with homoeopathy.
Sounds of frustration and aggravation emanated from the kitchen.
In this article I shall try to present you my opinion about the recent aggravation of earthquakes across the globe.
We are trying to do what we can with the grassroots and the business community support late in the game to try to get the word out before it's passed and because we cause our state a lot of aggravation .
Mr. Smith's aggravation at their dispute over Jon Bon Jovi's appearance in Young Guns II boiled over into some weird jungle flashback.
There is also the aggravation to a user of deliberately having to accept cookies every time a site proffers one.
the patient experienced an aggravation of symptoms