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agent / агент, средство, вещество
имя существительное
agent, medium, envoy, factor, emissary, courier
means, agent, way, remedy, medium, device
substance, matter, material, agent, stuff
имя прилагательное
acting, active, valid, effective, working, agent
имя существительное
a person who acts on behalf of another, in particular.
In addition you stated that the immigration officer did ask you questions but you were given instructions by the agent and the agent replied on your behalf.
a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect.
agents of change
The role of moral agent has a direct effect on the patient care experience.
In BVI, the Bahamas, Niue, and the Seychelles, the parent company acts solely as a company formation agent and provides related services.
We need a term for this phenomenon, in which the agent is changed to avoid using an imperative.
Through the use of the passive voice, the agent which designs ‘these carefully targeted actions’ has been left unspecified.
Not that Everett is exactly hassling his agent for alpha male roles.
The actualization of motion through an aspect of the detached agent takes place when the detached agent originates an effect in the thing it sets in motion.
Virginia Hall served as an intelligence agent during World War II.
a travel agent
In such cases, the or is generally interpreted as an agent suffix like the vernacular er: author is as invariable in its spelling as writer.
Moreover, a company will need to make sure that it's getting the right level of service from a third party serving as the outsourcing agent for many different organizations.