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ageless / нестареющий, вечный, извечный
имя прилагательное
eternal, everlasting, perpetual, timeless, perennial, ageless
eternal, ageless, uncaused, unbegun
имя прилагательное
never growing or appearing to grow old.
the town retains an ageless charm
Yet ever since the launch of her own label, in 1983, she has consistently espoused a style that is contemporary in spirit but timeless and ageless in appeal.
This is what tells us that the Universe probably does have a finite age, it probably is not eternal and ageless as Einstein wanted to believe.
It would reign omnipotent over all the other inestimable, ageless , treasures of antiquity that thirty seven ruthless years of deep intrigue and immense wealth had brought him.
They become artifacts not only of culture but of time, and as such acquire a timeless, ageless quality that can elude even the best color films.
It would have to be a timeless, ageless tale, something that could be told in over eighty years and still have the same moving punch as it would back in the nineteen hundreds.
This belief corresponds precisely to the Indian tradition of a perennial philosophy, an ageless wisdom revealed and revealed, restored, lost, and again restored through the cycles of ages.
It has an ageless quality, perhaps because it was written by an old man in a decade (the eighties) in which poetic reflections on the First World War were not a common theme for novels.
The scene was set for an evening of entertainment highlighted by the ageless message of hope.
But then, to date the integrity of Beckett's genius has survived all the fashions and the fads, and thankfully great art like his survives behind the times, ageless and indestructible.
Gently melancholic ageless classic from the lost talent of English song.