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ageing / старение, вызревание, выдержка
имя существительное
aging, senescence, consenescence, ageing
aging, maturing, ageing
excerpt, exposure, extract, delay, aging, stamina
имя прилагательное
aging, senescent, ageing
имя существительное
the process of growing old.
the external signs of aging
имя прилагательное
(of a person) growing old; elderly.
looking after aging relatives
It was when he was in his early twenties and he was running his father's shipping company that an ageing oil tanker exploded and five people died.
This contributes to improve the health of ageing people, although it also increases the risk of adverse events related to drug treatment.
Precipitation treatment is carried out on alloys which do not achieve full properties by natural ageing .
The biggest rise has been in leaks from agricultural premises, raising fears that farmers are failing to maintain ageing oil tanks because of severely declining incomes.
And to those who worried about growing old; it helped reduce signs of ageing .
Rioja wines are associated with a lush, velvety appeal and the sweet scent of vanilla, largely the result of long ageing in American oak barrels.
Only a handful of producers take Chenin seriously enough to try to make wines worth ageing from it.
Virtually every theory about ageing from the ancient Greeks to the 19th century was a version of cooling or drying or a combination of the two.
With reference to the May issue prize letter from Audrey McBain about the use of words like elderly and ageing instead of ‘old’.
This extra ageing in oak barrels does not benefit all cognacs, and some will take on an unattractively dry, planky taste.