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aged / пожилой, старый, выдержанный
имя прилагательное
elderly, aged, in years, old-aged
old, eldest, ancient, aged, elder, auld
seasoned, aged, vintage, mellow, mature, ripe
имя существительное
old, old people, aged
имя прилагательное
having lived for a specified length of time; of a specified age.
young people aged 14 to 18
having lived or existed for a long time; old.
aged men with white hair
that has been subjected to aging.
jeans in hardrock wash give a unique aged appearance
grow old or older, especially visibly and obviously so.
you haven't aged a lot
Was it Matisse or Cezanne who, aged and infirm, incapable of clutching a brush, demanded that one be tied to his hand so as to continue his work?
The appearance of naturally aged wood captures the signatures of all of nature's own artists.
Let that dry for an elegant metal finish, or apply the patina topcoat or rapid rust oxidizer for a unique variety of aged finishes.
The effect of smoking cigarettes on the microvasculature of the face contributes to an aged appearance.
Further, owners must be refrained from selling unproductive aged cows and should be severely dealt for this criminal act.
‘Granny,’ as Wells calls her, was Wells' first aged event horse when she started cutting two years ago.
It blended with the figure's dress and softened the frame giving it an instant aged appearance.
The number of people living in the city aged 60 or above has dropped by more than 2,000 in two years at a time when Britain's grey population is booming.
Joyce implies that if one looked at the singer's face one might be surprised by her aged appearance.
Lesley, aged 48, who lives in Guiseley, trains twice a week and took up running as she was determined to be fit and not overweight in her forties.