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agave / агава, столетник
имя существительное
agave, century plant, pita
agave, aloe, century plant, pita, American aloe
имя существительное
a succulent plant with rosettes of narrow spiny leaves and tall flower spikes, native to the southern US and tropical America.
Species with leathery leaves such as agaves , aloes, echeverias and sanseverias are the obvious choice because they can tolerate extremes of heat, cold and drought.
Anchor the landscape with permanent plants that look good year-round; Armann planted agave , lantana, rosemary, and yucca.
Rather spookily, an agave and some opium poppies had survived last winter almost unscathed.
In warmer climates such as those of California and Texas, I've seen it growing with desert plants like cactus and agave .
Hosta sieboldiana ‘Elegans’, the grey-blue tinge of an agave and the blue flowers of nepeta all work in harmony with the piece.
A sustainable cropping system is used to harvest the agave plants just before they flower.
Its larger counterpart, the agave or century plant, like a tank-trap, can still be seen used as a washing line, with the clothes hung on the huge spikes.
Maguey is a kind of agave with succulent leaves and a sharp thorn on the tip.
While the garden's toughest souls - including agaves , plumbago and ornamental grasses - remain healthy enough to prevent us from feeling total despair, other plants are showing signs of stress.
The often steep and rugged lower slopes of the mountains are dominated by cacti, agaves , yuccas, and thorn-bearing shrubs.
They lead into pine forests as well as impressive stands of coastal sage scrub and chaparral communities notable for Mojave yuccas, prickly pear, and agaves .