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agape / разинув рот
имя прилагательное
разинув рот
имя существительное
любовь к ближнему
имя прилагательное
(of the mouth) wide open, especially with surprise or wonder.
Downes listened, mouth agape with incredulity
имя существительное
Christian love, especially as distinct from erotic love or emotional affection.
The ancient Greeks made the distinction between eros and agape .
But agape is love without any thought of reward or benefit.
Christians are urged to practice agape : love not as sexual desire, not as a devotion to something transcendent, not as friendship, but as charity.
We followed him into the house, trying not to look too much like tourists with our mouths agape .
When fishermen are throwing away unused bait, the pelicans will descend in noisy throngs and are very adept at catching fish morsels in mid air, mouths agape as they squawk for more!
Lewis Ayres says that the distinction between eros and agape does not work for Augustine.
Her older sisters stand with their mouths agape .
The love of God is non-possessive eros; the love of man pure agape ; the love of God is passion; the love of man, compassion.
The kind of love I believe they mean is this agape , unconditional love.
Desire is frightening to Christians who are used to saying that only agape - unconditional, self-emptying love - is truly Christian.
Jesus' new commandment is that his followers practice love, agape .