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again / снова, опять, вновь
again, over, more, anew, afresh, next
again, more, round
again, newly, over, o'er
another time; once more.
it was great to meet old friends again
the wages were low, but they made half as much again in tips
They believe that their prayers are granted and return again to express their thanks.
the wages were low but they made half as much again in tips
he'd love to work with you again
what was his name again?
Even when a fund has invested the initial equity it raised, this is usually only the tip of the iceberg because most funds plan to use debt to invest about four times as much again .
As I moved through them they swirled around me like smoke, taking up position again .
We met again , after two months - the next time she came to Dorset.
Then again , it has decided against introducing a legal limit on the rates of interest charged by lenders.
A man, woman, and child could reap a field in 30 hours, the man doing half as much again as the woman, and the woman two-thirds as much again as the child.