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afterwards / потом, впоследствии, позже
then, afterwards, after, subsequently, next
subsequently, afterwards, thereafter, after, afterward, at a later date
later, afterwards, afterward, subsequently, beyond
He was playing golf again very soon afterwards while the others took months to recover.
I had to stay for dinner as it was all arranged, but managed to make my escape afterwards .
Some time afterwards he discovered that money was being debited from his bank account.
Every doctor who came to see me afterwards said they hadn't expected to see me alive again.
Production will stop at the end of May and the factory will close shortly afterwards .
Everyone I know who saw it was really affected by it, for years and years afterwards .
the offender was arrested shortly afterwards
I learned afterwards that ...
Not only was it an interesting event, but there was lots of free wine afterwards !
The only person who could do that would be somebody visiting the crime scene afterwards .