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afterthought / запоздалая мысль, раздумье, запоздалое раздумье
имя существительное
запоздалая мысль
meditation, reflection, afterthought, reflexion, recollection
запоздалое раздумье
имя существительное
an item or thing that is thought of or added later.
as an afterthought she said “Thank you.”
Facilities such as ramps and wheelchair lifts are often added as an afterthought and seats fixed to floors in cafes are often the norm.
What makes these awards special is the focus they put on design in an industry that often treats design as a superficial afterthought .
In Britain, where polls are issued by the major papers every day the bookies are something of an afterthought .
Each dumpling melted in my mouth, the creamy tomato hitting my taste buds almost as an afterthought .
When he speaks about the prejudices he has faced, the added issue of his sexuality is almost an afterthought .
Principles are not an afterthought to be considered only so long as they do not affect profits.
The first-aid kit in the picture does not feature in the play but was thrown in as an additional prize as a humorous afterthought .
as an afterthought she said ‘Thank you’
The story was irrelevant really, and seemed to be a mere afterthought to all the effects and computer-animation.
Yet the design, the nature and the location of the centre has been an afterthought .