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aftershave / лосьон после бритья
имя существительное
лосьон после бритья
aftershave, aftershave lotion
имя существительное
an astringent, typically scented lotion for applying to the skin after shaving.
The clear gel is a skin prep, shaving gel and aftershave lotion.
Start the evening with a shower and some nice deodorant or aftershave .
We were so close I could smell the faint scent of his aftershave .
I cuddled up to him and caught the clean, fresh tang of his aftershave , buried deep in his clothes and skin.
When finally they kiss, Elaine closes her eyes, inhaling the scent of his skin and aftershave .
I wondered if he wore any kind of aftershave or cologne, or if he naturally smelled that good.
aftershave lotion
Now athletes are using more familiar smells, such as their favourite aftershave or perfume to trigger memories of their strict training regimes.
He dabbed his face with a towel and then rubbed some aftershave into his skin.
Hair is often close-cropped and, if you're lucky, there's a gentle aroma of aftershave .
The clear gel is a skin prep, shaving gel and aftershave lotion.