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afters / второе и третье блюда
имя существительное
второе и третье блюда
имя существительное
there was apple pie for afters
Dinner was sausage and beans with coffee and a mousse for afters .
The reception was held in a marquee and a further 200 arrived for the afters , making it one of the biggest weddings seen for sometime.
there was apple pie for afters
There are even a couple of creamy comforting Iberian desserts for afters .
We had roast potatoes and cauliflower and then something like apple tart with custard for afters .
they were both yellow-carded for a spot of afters before half-time
It was lovely and the carvery was great, as was the minty ice-cream for afters !
there was apple pie for afters
After a rather substantial evening meal consisting of home made meat pie with all the trimmings and trifle for afters , we got ourselves prepared for the trick or treaters.
Back on the Orient Express, it is guinea fowl en croute with champagne jelly for afters .