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afternoon / после полудня
после полудня
afternoon, in the afternoon, post meridiem
имя существительное
послеобеденное время
время после полудня
имя существительное
the time from noon or lunchtime to evening.
I telephoned this afternoon
in the afternoon; every afternoon.
The church will be open in the afternoons and on Sunday afternoon the church cafe will be serving refreshments.
Is this just the Friday afternoon rush, or is there another problem?
on that afternoon
they have an afternoon lecture
Scattered afternoon showers give the best chance of a good rainbow.
I'll be back at three in the afternoon
an afternoon walk
This afternoon , at the stadium, the pair come face to face for the first time this season.
Summer is here with hot, humid days and regular afternoon storms.
Several volunteers took part in the opening ceremony there, in suitable costume and a team is now beginning to work there on afternoon s.
Normally we start seeing regular afternoon storms in early June, but these aren't your typical rain showers.