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aftermath / последствия, последствие, отава
имя существительное
aftermath, repercussion, backwash
consequence, aftermath, outcome, sequel, consequent, sequela
aftermath, aftergrass, fog, eatage
имя существительное
the consequences or aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event.
food prices soared in the aftermath of the drought
new grass growing after mowing or harvest.
Proper use of slurry and fertilizer are essential to the recovery of silage aftermaths right now.
Historically, change has happened only in the aftermath of a major crisis.
He said that mobile communications crashed in the aftermath of the explosions.
European leaders made all the right noises in the aftermath of Tuesday's events.
Somehow, in the aftermath of this shocking event, life has to go on for the couple.
The mother of a teenager who died following a moped accident is pleading for calm in the aftermath of his death.
In the aftermath of the mudslide major excavation works were carried out on the pitch.
Conditions remain tough in the white sands resort in the aftermath of the hurricane.
The international laws that served us in the aftermath of the Second World War are overdue for reform.
The ultimate concern, however, is to get a country back on to its feet in the aftermath of conflict.
In the aftermath of many storms, the hardest hit areas can have their water mains shut down.