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afterlife / загробная жизнь, вторая половина жизни, годы зрелости
имя существительное
загробная жизнь
afterlife, beyond, futurity
вторая половина жизни
годы зрелости
имя существительное
(in some religions) life after death.
most Christians believe in an afterlife
later life.
they spent much of their afterlife trying to forget the fire
At the end of the day, we all want more life and this need can be somewhat satisfied by believing in an afterlife .
Catholicism, once again, played a crucial but not exclusive role in shaping French beliefs about death and the afterlife .
This is merely responsible social behavior and is not reliant on a belief in an afterlife or an abstract moral code.
they spent much of their afterlife trying to forget the fire
So basically what I am saying is that it is possible that we each may get what we believe or desire in the way of an afterlife .
most Christians believe in an afterlife
I'm sure that the promise of sheer bliss in the afterlife appeased some people's fears.
And there are promises of an afterlife or reincarnations that offer us hope and comfort.
He did not believe in the afterlife and considered death as the final phase of all souls, fools as well as the wise.
They believed in an afterlife , which was why they showed such disregard for death in battle.