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afterglow / закат, вечерняя заря, приятное чувство
имя существительное
sunset, set, decline, sundown, fall, afterglow
вечерняя заря
sunset, retreat, afterglow, afterlight
приятное чувство
имя существительное
light or radiance remaining in the sky after the sun has set.
Three months after the eruption, the ash and aerosol had spread to higher latitudes causing such vivid red sunset afterglows that fire engines were called out in several places, like New York, to quench the apparent conflagration.
Returning I crossed the top of the mountain and halted awhile to admire the glorious sunset afterglow .
basking in the afterglow of victory
‘I almost like it better than climbing,’ he says, flushed with the afterglow of his space walk.
A few minutes brought us to the top of the narrow ridge, and from here the afterglow of the sunset was so glorious that a photograph was secured to serve as a reminiscence in after-years, when rheumatic limbs forbid such experiences.
The afterglow from the chance meeting still lingers in me.
But there are times and places when a natural landscape, without any artificial illumination, looks just as rich and moody in the afterglow of sunset.
It's funny how a chance encounter, a few words of enthusiasm, and the afterglow of a successful trip can give rise to unrestrained optimism.
What is often forgotten, especially in the afterglow of success and the notoriety that comes with it, is the cost, both physical and emotional.
At any given time most people were breathlessly anticipating the arrival of the Queen, feverishly following her tour through the country, or basking in the afterglow of it.
In the afterglow of a famous win over Rangers, the victorious manager has been trying to keep things in perspective.