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aft / кормовой
имя прилагательное
stern, aft, feed, fodder, pabular, pabulary
на корме
aft, astern, abaft
в кормовой части
в корме
имя существительное
stern, aft, poop, fanny
at, near, or toward the stern of a ship or tail of an aircraft.
Travis made his way aft
The master stateroom is aft , fitted with twin berths outboard on each side of the cabin.
The armory was really divided up into two separate rooms in the aft portion of the ship.
It is an unusual design of ship, a collier with engine-room aft and wheelhouse amidships.
The stern is beginning to split from the aft part of the wreck and is falling to starboard.
The entire stern section of the wreck is tilted aft and to starboard.
When we got to our ship, they weren't ready for us to land, so we had to orbit a mile aft of the ship while they got set up.
The vessel is dual decked and the aluminium deckhouse is fitted aft of midship.
I went under the nose and climbed up the ladder built into the bottom hatch just aft of the nose wheel.
Behind the helm there is a double seat facing aft and a small wet bar behind the port side lounge.
When he went aft to add some oil to the engine, he slipped on spilled oil and fell overboard.