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afrikaner / африкандер
имя существительное
Afrikaner, Afrikander, Africaner
имя существительное
an Afrikaans-speaking person in South Africa, especially one descended from the Dutch and Huguenot settlers of the 17th century.
In my academic posting here I report a study of South African Afrikaners (whites of Dutch origin).
Throughout most of the twentieth century, South Africa's political life was dominated by white Afrikaners .
Afrikaans, the language spoken by Afrikaners , evolved as a dialect of Dutch spoken by settlers on the frontier during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Orange is a reference to the Dutch heritage of many Afrikaners .
It was actively disseminated by the Broederbond, a Protestant organization formed in 1918 to promote Afrikanerdom .
They represented our country with the notion that Afrikanerdom and the Lord would get them through.
This rule by the generals was wholly unacceptable to the great notables of Afrikanerdom .
The majority of white South Africans supported Britain during the First World War, but with Afrikaners in the majority among the white population there was growing opposition to membership of the British empire.
A Dutch colony was established in 1652; the settlers were at first known as BOERS and later as Afrikaners .
After 1845, the Pedi also had to contend with an influx of white Afrikaner settlers, some of whom seized Pedi children and forced them to work as slaves.
The organisation is not seen as representative of all Afrikaners , let alone South Africa's four million whites who make up less than 10% of the population.