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african / африканский
имя прилагательное
African, Libyan
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Africa or people of African descent.
The men, all of North African descent, were dressed casually and appeared in the dock with two interpreters.
имя существительное
a person from Africa, especially a black person.
Meanwhile, more black African slaves were owned by black Africans than white Americans.
Teachers at the school dressed up as African chiefs in traditional costume and pupils each brought in a bucket to take part in the event.
There is going to be an enormous call on the Africans , but it may well require other people.
It now looks as if leprosy originated in East Africa, and Europeans and North Africans took it to West Africa.
The Creole foods created by Africans have been adopted by all the other groups.
There were men, women, and children from European, African , and Asian descent.
In other words, by the early nineteenth century at least the evidence available to most Europeans about Africans was mixed.
He condemned the tendency to identify black Africans with undemocratic practices as racist.
They cannot help themselves once they catch the spirit of African culture.
The film is a creditable effort to tell an African story from the point of view of an African .
Those books did not only affect South Africans but many southern Africans as well.