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afresh / снова, сызнова
again, over, more, anew, afresh, next
in a new or different way.
she left the job to start afresh
In view of this situation, his works required to be deeply studied afresh .
In the light of that information, he looked at his findings afresh .
My intention is to look afresh at the monument with a different kind of vision.
He would be 35 at the end of it and, even if anybody wanted to employ a man with such a tarnished reputation, he would be too old to start afresh .
Tomorrow the great leader's axiom will be recalled afresh once again.
A forgotten part of the city's commercial heart is stirring afresh thanks to the to the hard work and enthusiasm of local traders.
I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and start afresh .
But when I hear them afresh , they never fail to amaze me by their brilliance.
The endless repetition of incorrigible and isolated individuality is the statement and each time he makes it he makes it afresh .
This is a good time to look afresh at personal relationships to rejuvenate the friendship you may have lost.