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afraid / испуганный, боящийся, напуганный
имя прилагательное
frightened, afraid, scared, startled, fearful, panicked
funky, frightened, fearful, afraid, pop-eyed
имя прилагательное
feeling fear or anxiety; frightened.
I'm afraid of dogs
They kill and maim people and are too afraid to take the consequences of their actions.
They felt nervous about walking home in the dark; they were afraid of evil spirits.
She says she's not afraid of death, she's just frightened of losing the people she loves.
We hope the future is better than the past, but we're afraid that the past could repeat itself.
He said today he was not afraid of competing with supermarkets but feared the effect on customer choice.
She was afraid that something might happen to her mum while she wasn't there.
True leaders are not afraid of telling the truth as they see it for fear of losing favor.
She explained she was afraid of having children because she feared she could not feed them.
I am afraid that now that I am a bit better things are not going to change much.
It is not just passengers who are afraid of flying - airline employees are fearful too.