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aforesaid / вышеупомянутый, вышеозначенный, вышеизложенный
имя прилагательное
aforementioned, foregoing, said, aforesaid, above-mentioned, same
aforesaid, foresaid
I know all about the aforesaid gentleman's disapproval.
The aforesaid movie is apparently a road movie.
Moreover we declare that she had forfeited her pretended title to the aforesaid kingdom, to every right, dignity, and privilege.
With the bass player and second guitarist supplying harmony vocals, and some fine slide playing from aforesaid guitarist, these guys got the job done.
The procedure of looking for aforesaid gainful employment is generally simple.
On the whole, the aforesaid problem in reorganizing and managing the national defense complex still remains to be fully resolved.
Naturally enough, I hadn't taken in any of the aforesaid content, so I bluffed my way through the quiz and practically ran out of the room to my Biology class.
Apart from the aforesaid deep rivets in the walls, there has been a frequent flooding problem from upper floors, which led to one bathroom roof caving in over me.
Everything from the aforesaid lamp, to the chair, to the books laid upon the desk, fell with a crash as he hurriedly tried to vacate the room.
New industrial ventures should not be given licence unless the aforesaid provision is fulfilled.