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afoot / в движении, пешком, в действии
имя прилагательное
в движении
afoot, underway, on-the-job
в действии
afoot, on-the-job
в движении
in motion, afoot, astir, on foot, a-going, abroach
on foot, afoot
в действии
in operation, at work, afoot, in full play
in preparation or progress; happening or beginning to happen.
plans are afoot for a festival
on foot.
they were forced to go afoot
But to the younger generation, a winter holiday means action- and down through the 'Swamp hollow' and over the hill road they go, afoot or in sleighs, through the drifting snow, to a barn dance at the Centre.
there's a plan afoot to close the school
The Christmas lights have just been erected and already plans are afoot to have an even better display next year.
There are plans afoot … but it would be premature to talk about them now.
The other good news is that there are plans afoot for there to be a free festival next year!
there's mischief afoot here
But plans are already afoot to ensure that the festival is revitalised next year.
Out the back is a space for all kinds of creative outlets like painting and pottery and plans are afoot for a veggie garden.
Plans are now afoot for a small screen adaptation of the much-loved novel.
At the present time, plans are afoot to develop the harbour area.