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afloat / на плаву, на воде, на поверхности
на плаву
на воде
на поверхности
on the surface, afloat
имя прилагательное
покрытый водой
afloat, submerged
на службе в военном флоте
имя прилагательное
floating in water; not sinking.
they trod water to keep afloat
out of debt or difficulty.
I contrived to stay afloat in honest self-employment
The vessel has now been lifted out of the water and is now afloat .
It is widely recognised that the money sent home by these exiles kept the country afloat during that difficult time.
‘I'm obviously going to have a go at it, but it will be extremely difficult to stay afloat ,’ said Mr Smith, who runs the business by himself.
The only reason why they are able to stay afloat is their buoyant sacs near their throats.
‘If the central bank cuts rates, it will help take the pressure off many companies as we try to stay afloat in this difficult time,’ he said.
Knowing the risks is important and will likely keep you afloat regardless of the water conditions.
Certainly, the weakening contract prices are a blow to the company as it struggles to stay afloat under the weight of massive debt.
Analysts believe the larger insurers will have sufficient assets to withstand further falls, but some of the smaller companies may find staying afloat increasingly difficult.
There are rumours afloat that a major musical act will be playing this time next year.
His optimism has kept the team afloat , but it will be difficult to recover fully from failing to finish three of the first five races.