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aflame / в огне
в огне
ablaze, afire, aflame, in a blaze, alight
имя прилагательное
объятый пламенем
enveloped in flames, aflame
glowing, flaming, aflame, aglow, fervent, ardent
burning, live, fiery, on fire, ardent, aflame
in flames; burning.
pour brandy over the steaks and then set aflame
The passage was lighted with a few lanterns that were magically kept aflame , and it was almost as cold there as it was outside.
If would have been quite hilarious to see the pampered boys' reaction to having his expensive clothing set aflame .
The obvious appeal of the portrait is the notion that a person's pilot light remains aflame even in the darkest of times.
The red carpeting was aflame as well, and tapestries and banners hanging from the high ceiling had also begun to catch flame.
She closed her eyes, and opened to see everything aflame .
A glance over my shoulder confirmed the worst - the entire hedgerow was aflame .
The walls were rebuilt with yellow limestone and the towers rebuilt with stones so they couldn't be set aflame anymore.
Splinters were flung in every direction, some aflame , becoming miniature meteors as they ignited in the dry air.
He watched as the glass rained down slowly to the ground, emeralds falling from the tower, which was now aflame .
The baobab was aflame , regular fire eating it as quickly as it could.