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afield / в поле, вдалеке, на поле
в поле
in the distance, afar, far afield, afar off, afield
на поле
to or at a distance.
competitors from as far afield as Hong Kong
in the field (usually in reference to hunting).
the satisfaction of a day afield
This club is known as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.
The pub has run a successful jazz club for about two years and regularly attracts members from as far afield as Bristol and Swindon.
And such has been their success at making tracks that they have been travelling as far afield as Holland and Canada.
Marches were duly held across Europe and the US while demonstrations took place as far afield as Chile and Peru.
Each year hoards of fans converge on Chippenham for the festival from as far afield as the USA and the Netherlands.
The dozen delegates came from as far afield as China, the United States, Australia, Sweden and South Korea.
Already there are fears that climate change will push malaria carrying mosquitoes even further afield .
Nearly 200 people, from as far afield as Holland and Denmark, offered to adopt him and now he has a new home in Yorkshire.
There are still a lot of hunters who go afield in a state of denial as if they'll never get lost or never get injured.
If you go further afield but use the kayak only to reach an inaccessible beach and shore dive, the issue of an unattended boat is irrelevant.