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affront / оскорбление, унижение
имя существительное
insult, abuse, affront, offense, outrage, snub
humiliation, abjection, indignity, abasement, debasement, affront
insult, offend, huff, abuse, revile, affront
бросать вызов
challenge, defy, affront, outdare, bid defiance to
приводить в замешательство
confuse, embarrass, bowl over, discomfit, affront, disconcert
имя существительное
an action or remark that causes outrage or offense.
he took his son's desertion as a personal affront
offend the modesty or values of.
she was affronted by his familiarity
The Foreign Affairs spokesman said this attempt to bypass the people would be an affront to democracy.
It is an affront to anyone with any sense of human dignity and common decency, regardless of where they stand on the issue.
The fence itself took less than three minutes to come down as people attacked what was widely perceived to be an affront to freedom of assembly and speech.
he took his son's desertion as a personal affront
At the time she said the ad was not intended to cause offence and described the ban as ‘absurd and an affront to the British sense of humour’.
That the power to deny anything from occupying city land rests in the hands of city hall is an affront to the real owners of that land - the people who live in the city.
We weren't the least bit insulted at such an affront to our then easy going, leisurely ways.
Limits upon personal freedom and choice are an affront to all that is sacred.
The conduct that has come to light is an affront to the most basic standards of morality and decency.
Articles of this sort are an affront to those who died.