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affordable / по средствам, допустимый
имя прилагательное
по средствам
permissible, admissible, allowable, acceptable, reasonable, affordable
имя прилагательное
inexpensive; reasonably priced.
affordable housing
Therefore, we hope that cost per seat will be reasonable and affordable to many.
The only way rail travel is affordable is if you pre-book your tickets rather than buying them on the day.
Flights to these locations in February are very affordable , and we wouldn't even have to hire a car.
Interest rates appear to be more affordable than at any previous time, but in reality they are very high.
Admission to all three venues is free and all artwork will be for sale at affordable prices.
For most, the only affordable option would be rented council or housing association homes.
In time, he hoped to bring down the price of space travel to make it more affordable .
Everyone is entitled to a break and often the only affordable time is outside school holiday periods.
The nursery will offer care for children from three months to five years at affordable prices.
It accepts that prices should be affordable otherwise people would continue to use their cars.