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affliction / бедствие, скорбь, несчастье
имя существительное
disaster, distress, scourge, calamity, evil, affliction
sorrow, affliction, mourning, woe, dole, dolour
misfortune, unhappiness, disaster, bad luck, affliction, mishap
имя существительное
something that causes pain or suffering.
a crippling affliction of the nervous system
What roles does affliction , the suffering constrained by the sense of God's palpable absence, play in divine providence, according to Herbert's poetry?
His grandmother had the same affliction that his mother was cursed with.
Individuals suffering from this affliction consistently fall asleep in the early evening and wake in the early hours of the morning regardless of their work schedule and life's infringements.
I know that, in 10 years, cancer will be an affliction , but not one that sends fear in all of us.
I never saw such a picture of forlorn affliction and distress of mind.
This is the way mankind will end up, imagines Margaret Atwood: with huge affliction and dismay.
poor people in great affliction
The effects of man's exposition to these laws may vary between pleasure and pain, comfort and affliction , happiness and misery.
poor people in great affliction
a crippling affliction of the nervous system