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affix / аффикс, придаток, прибавление
имя существительное
appendage, adjunct, appendix, appurtenant, appurtenance, affix
addition, increase, intercalation, augment, appendage, affix
attach, fasten, affix, secure, tack, hang
put, set, place, raise, stage, affix
имя существительное
an additional element placed at the beginning or end of a root, stem, or word, or in the body of a word, to modify its meaning.
Languages that work like this, where whole phrases or clauses can be formed in one word by attaching affixes to noun stems or verbs, are called polysynthetic.
stick, attach, or fasten (something) to something else.
he licked the stamp and affixed it to the envelope
I used double-sided tape to affix the ribbon to the paper.
In contrast, where the affix is a prefix, the dependent clause follows the independent clause.
In my effort to ‘push the envelope,’ had I perhaps neglected to affix sufficient postage?
the strings affix to the back of the bridge
I am enclosing the card on which the Post Office wanted me to affix the necessary stamps.
Each cable also includes an appropriate amount of clips and screws to properly affix the cables to the floor.
It would be relatively easy for every community to affix geodetic coding on the signs as they are placed.
Finally, he agreed to sign and affix his fingerprint to the four-page confession the police had written for him.
Until he can find a way to affix them more securely to his house, he says, they will remain stored in his garage.
I affix a leather saddle to his hairy back and ride him into many righteous battles.