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affiliate / филиал, отделение, компаньон
имя существительное
branch, subsidiary, affiliate, branch office, filiation, filial branch
separation, department, branch, compartment, secession, affiliate
companion, partner, affiliate, associate, butty, pard
имя прилагательное
affiliate, associate, combined, appendant
associate, subscribe, accede, affiliate, line up, attach oneself to
join, add, attach, append, annex, affiliate
adopt, affiliate, mother, father
officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.
the college is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin
имя существительное
a person or organization officially attached to a larger body.
the company established links with British affiliates
almost all students affiliate to the Students' Union
Most observers expect the membership to bless the idea of expansion, either through an affiliate or a subsidiary.
the main party agreed to affiliate four Conservative associations
Our technology affiliate has highly trained specialists who have earned their stripes.
For ten months I was a volunteer intern at the Irish Film Archive, an affiliate of the Film Institute of Ireland.
the membership of the National Writers Union voted to affiliate with the United Auto Workers
Another affiliate supplies security equipment and services in the co-op service area and beyond.
Similarly, a company may draw components and supplies from a subsidiary or from an affiliate or on the open market.
They demanded involvement in one or more of the innumerable organizations run by or affiliated with the party.
Our motion explains what the movement is about and calls on the union to affiliate to the organisation, provide support and invite speakers.