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affectionate / любящий, привязчивый, нежный
имя прилагательное
loving, fond, affectionate, tender, amatory
affectionate, obtrusive, captious
tender, gentle, delicate, affectionate, soft, sweet
имя прилагательное
readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness.
a happy and affectionate family
His father and mother were very affectionate and I was closely associated with his family.
I come from a very loving and affectionate family where hugs and kisses are given all the time.
You saw for the first time this evening that the Prince of Wales referred to his mother in a very affectionate way.
The sentence is said in a soft, quiet, affectionate sort of way.
The Yorks were a close-knit and affectionate family and the princess had a secure and uncomplicated childhood.
Throughout his life he had affectionate and devoted friends.
They were lovely people, but not affectionate like Lou's family.
She may like to deny it but she is vulnerable and can be tender and affectionate .
However, the breed has a basic gentle and affectionate nature, and is really a loving animal.
His kisses were lingering and affectionate , making my heart pound for a moment.